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Mini Survey Archive

December 2005Are you a licensed Amateur/Ham radio operator?
October 2005On average, how often do you visit the WUN web site?
September 2005What source do you primarily get news information from?
July 2005What search engine do you use most frequently?
June 2005What world region do you prefer to monitor?
April 2005What type of digital decoder do you primarily use?
March 2005How would you rate the new WUN Utility Guide Vol. 3 CD?
February 2005How much time per week do you spend monitoring utilities?
January 2005What monitoring equipment do you plan to purchase in 2005?
December 2004How long have you been a member of WUN?
November 2004What kind of radio do you primarily use for utility monitoring?
October 2004Are you planning to purchase the new WUN CD-ROM?
September 2004What type of computer to you use to monitor utilities?
August 2004Do you own a copy of the WUN Frequency Guide CD-ROM?
July 2004What digital mode do you monitor most frequently?
June 2004Which WUN Newsletter column do you read most frequently?
May 2004Which WUN web site feature do you find most useful?
April 2004What type of antenna do you use to listen to HF utilities?
March 2004How would you rate the overall WUN web site?
February 2004Are you a member of the WUN mailing list?
January 2004What type of traffic do you prefer to monitor?
December 2003What part of the world do you listen from?
November 2003How long have you been listening to shortwave utilities?

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