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WUN Log Input Form

Fill out the following form and click on the Submit button once to submit your log for the WUN Newsletter. Each submission will be automatically sent to the WUN logs column editor for inclusion in the monthly newsletter. Please note the maximum field widths denoted by the [ ] symbols and fields in Red which are required for publishing in the monthly Newsletter. See below for a further description of the field formats.

Example log:

12345.6 WUN20: WUN Radio 1547 RTTY BAUDOT 75/425 encrypted March 1998 Newsletter 20/Jul/1998 (JB2)

Frequency [7]:
Callsign [16]:
Identity [28]:
Time [4]:
Mode [8]:
Baud [5]:
Shift [4]:
Comments [60]:
Date [11]:
Name [20]:

Frequency: Signal frequency in KHz, decimal optional
Callsign: Callsign, ITU or other identifying ID used (if unknown, use "UNID")
Identity: Location / other information on transmitter
Time: Time of Day (GMT/UTC) the transmission was heard
Mode: Mode of Transmission (AM/CW/USB/LSB/RTTY/etc.)
Baud: Baud rate of transmission, if digital
Shift: Frequency shift of transmission, if digital
Comments: Additional information (content or other details)
Date: Date (DD/Mon/YYYY) the transmission was heard
Name: Heard by - can use WUN ID if known - "Anonymous" ok

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