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About Us
WUN: An Electronic Club For Utility Signals under 30 MHz

With several losses of information available to utility listeners, efforts went into creating a continuing source of utility information, QSL's and logs.

After discussions with many utility fans via e-mail The WORLDWIDE UTILITY NEWS Club...or WUN (Like we're #1), was born January of 1995 with it's first newsletter sent to members as the February edition.

The WUN is the worlds first electronic club and there are no dues or fees from us for joining. You are welcome and encouraged to join in the conversation regarding the "non-broadcast" or utility stations that may be found in any mode under 30 MHz. WUN also publishes a monthly electronic newsletter.

To become a member of WUN, you join the WUN listserver by using the web interface located at:

The wun listserver is also used for posting hot Utility news and general discussion of UTE-related topics. Those subscribed on WUN will receive the newsletter and be able to exchange info, logs, and late breaking "hot" logs with everyone on the list.

The WUN monthly newsletter consists of the following columns:

  1. International Civil Aero
  2. Nautical News
  3. Digital Review
  4. Logs Column
  5. The QSL Report
  6. Utility Round-up
  7. Numbers and Oddities
  8. Product Review

If you wish to contribute news, info, and logs to these columns please send them directly to the proper editor.

Once you have become a member of WUN, you can start contributing by sending e-mail to:

Please note that if you reply to a message from the list, the person making the original posts address will come up. If you feel the information you are sending is of value to the entire list, you must change the address from the posters address to the list address.

Also note that there are various laws that govern the reception of signals and transmissions throughout the world. It is the members responsibility to make themselves aware of their laws and abide by them. We do not encourage the breaking of any countries laws pertaining to these transmissions.

WUN has an Official Club www page site:
The www pages contain back issues of the WUN Newsletter along with other Utility files, links, etc.

Any questions, or for more information, please contact the WUN Web Page administrator at

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