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WUN Charter - 7 November 1998

  1. The Worldwide UTE News Club (WUN) was established in January 1995. The purpose of the club is to further the exchange of information concerning the hobby of monitoring "utility" radio transmissions and stations that appear in the radio spectrum below 30 MHz. Broadly defined, "utility" stations are non-broadcast stations, other than those in the amateur radio service.

  2. WUN uses three primary methods to accomplish this purpose:

    1. The Worldwide UTE News Newsletter (WUN Newsletter):
      The WUN Newsletter is the monthly electronic journal of the Worldwide UTE News Club.

    2. The Worldwide UTE News Listserver:
      The listserver enables members with access to Internet e-mail to exchange utility monitoring information in near real-time. E-mail messages sent to the listserver e-mail address are "reflected" to all members who have registered with the administrator of the listserver. The WUN listserver provides the membership with a dynamic and powerful medium for the exchange of information.

    3. Publications:
      1. The Worldwide UTE News CD-ROM.
      2. The WUN Newsletter on computer disk.

  3. Membership Requirements:

    1. No dues will be assessed for membership in the Worldwide Utility News Club.

    2. To cover the costs associated with maintaining the WUN website and listserver, and producing the publications, the publications will be available at a moderate charge.

    3. Membership is granted through registration through the following methods:

      1. Registration via the WUN Listserver; or

      2. Registration forwarded to a member of the WUN Executive Board by an individual using a non-Email equipped BBS, or other electronic system. Such registration shall include members name, city, state/province and country, and the name of the system upon which he receives the WUN Newsletter.

  4. Standards of Conduct:

    1. As the WUN Listserver provides an extremely powerful tool for worldwide communications, members are requested to exercise this power with caution. Members using this resource must, therefore, accept responsibility for maintaining reasonable standards of conduct when posting messages for distribution to the general membership. Common courtesy and common sense should prevail.

    2. Membership in the Worldwide UTE News Club is truly world-wide, open to individuals of varying political and religious beliefs (as well as to minors). Accordingly, when posting to the WUN Listserver, members shall avoid the use of profanity and messages with offensive political, religious, or ethnic content. Members shall not engage in personal attacks or post other inflammatory messages.

    3. In consideration of those members whose Internet service providers charges are based on the quantity of e-mail received, messages posted to the WUN Listserver should remain consistent with the stated purpose of the club. While occasional "off-topic" postings are not of great concern, excessive postings/discussions of questionable relevance shall be avoided. Similarly, in lieu of posting extremely lengthy messages or encoded files (e.g., using uuencode, BinHex, PGP, Mime and similar encoded files not in plain, clear text ASCII) members are encouraged to post a brief message describing the availability of the item, soliciting members' interest. Private email amongst interested members should then be used to distribute the file(s).

    4. List administrative matters, including mediation responsibilities in the event of minor disputes, or the issuance of disciplinary warnings in the event of blatant violation of the WUN Standards of Conduct will be handled by members of the WUN Executive Board.

    5. Any member who consistently violates the few rules, as stated in the WUN Standards of Conduct, may be subject to removal from the club. A maximum of three disciplinary warnings will be sent to a member. The WUN Executive Board shall then determine the appropriate disciplinary action, to include expulsion from the club and it's listserver.

    6. It is strictly prohibited to submit e-mail addresses and/or names of WUN members to any type of organization for commercial use or otherwise, without permission of the individual concerned. Any member who violates this rule is subject to removal from the club.

    7. Members of the WUN Staff and WUN Executive Board may be removed from the Staff at any time as a result of failure to adequately carry out the duties of their club position based on a vote of the other Staff members.

    8. As processing time and connectivity on the computer system housing the WUN Listserver may be donated, decisions as to the propriety of message traffic reflected by the Listserver (and individual members' access to the system) ultimately rest with the system administrator.

  5. Administration:

    1. Club administrative matters are handled by the WUN Staff which consists of:

      1. President
      2. Newsletter Editor
      3. Listserver System Administrator
      4. World Wide Web Page Administrator
      5. Secretary-Treasurer
      6. Publications Officer
      7. Membership Director
      8. Newsletter column editors/co-editors

      Duties of the Staff Members:

      1. President
        Chairman of the Executive Board. He or she will help guide WUN policy as described in this Charter.

      2. Newsletter Editor
        He or she will gather, review, and edit respective columns that make up the WUN Newsletter with final decision as to the content. He/she will assure the delivery of the newsletter via electonic e-mail.

      3. Listserver System Administrator
        He/she serves as a liason between WUN and the mailing list provider. To provide a point of contact for those having problems subscribing, unsubscribing, or any other problems dealing with the WUN mailing list. A decent understanding of e-mail and the way it works on the WWW is essential.

      4. World Wide Web Page Administrator
        He/she maintains the WUN website.

      5. Secretary-Treasurer
        The Secretary-Treasurer shall deposit all monies acquired by the club and pay such invoices, bills or expenses as required. He or she shall maintain a separate account for the purpose of depositing monies and issuing writs on behalf of WUN. He or she may sign such writs on behalf of the club, and upon any other required documents that do not specifically require other Officers signatures.

      6. Publications Officer
        The Publications Officer is in charge of WUN's publications. This includes also the handling and shipping of orders.

      7. Membership Director
        He/she maintains the voluntary database of the WUN membership, from time-to-time provide the members with reports as to the number of members, and to help promote the club and recruit new members.

      8. Newsletter column editor/co-editor
        Column (co-)editors are responsible for their columns. The contents should tally the rules as described in section 4 of the Charter: 'Standards of Conduct'.

    2. Club policy matters will be decided by a simple majority vote of the WUN Executive Board. In the event of tie votes, the President shall cast a second, deciding vote. The Executive Board consists of three senior Staff Members plus the President.

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