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Change Logs
Changelog 2001

23-Dec-2001 Updated WUN home page
23-Dec-2001 Added December 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
21-Dec-2001 Updated links page with new link to World Aeronautical Database
15-Dec-2001 Updated links page with links to new vendor pages for radio control software
2-Dec-2001 Updated USCG Air, Cutters, and Pactor files
30-Nov-2001 Updated WUN home page
30-Nov-2001 Added November 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
28-Nov-2001 Updated WUN Staff page with new email for Scott Havens
17-Nov-2001 Added WUN ELF/VLF Guide v1.0 to files archive page
4-Nov-2001 Updated R-5000 Handbook link on links page
31-Oct-2001 Updated WUN home page
31-Oct-2001 Added October 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
27-Oct-2001 Updated USCG Air and USCG Pactor pages
23-Oct-2001 Added AFN/NPR schedule links to links page
17-Oct-2001 Updated header/navigation on all pages
7-Oct-2001 Updated CDROM v3 page
30-Sep-2001 Updated WUN home page
30-Sep-2001 Added September 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
29-Sep-2001 Updated USCG cutters page
29-Sep-2001 Updated USCG Pactor Network page
29-Sep-2001 Updated USCG Air page
19-Sep-2001 Added link to Risto Hirvonen's Aerolist page to links page, removed Aerolist file and references from files archive and files list pages
10-Sep-2001 Updated Routing Indicators file
5-Sep-2001 Updated WUN home page
5-Sep-2001 Added August 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
29-Aug-2001 Added U.S. Coast Guard Pactor II Network Overview page
26-Aug-2001 Updated USCG cutters page
16-Aug-2001 Added Propagation section to links page with 4 new propagation links
3-Aug-2001 Updated WUN home page
3-Aug-2001 Added July 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
23-Jul-2001 Updated WUN Staff page
13-Jul-2001 Added IMC - Maritime Data Communications link and removed web ring link on links page
2-Jul-2001 Updated WUN home page
2-Jul-2001 Added June 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
4-Jun-2001 Updated WUN home page
2-Jun-2001 Added May 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
7-May-2001 Updated USCG Air page
7-May-2001 Updated links page with link to Utiliarias DX Club
5-May-2001 Updated WUN home page
5-May-2001 Added April 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
5-May-2001 Update Routing Indicators dbf file on files archive page
3-May-2001 Added copyright page
2-May-2001 Modified site search box on home page
22-Apr-2001 Added link Utility Monitoring Central to links page
21-Apr-2001 Updated Digital Signals FAQ page
21-Apr-2001 Updated links page with new link to Irish Aviation page
12-Apr-2001 Updated links page with link to Glossary of Radio Communications
9-Apr-2001 Updated email address on CD v2 page
6-Apr-2001 Updated WUN home page
6-Apr-2001 Added March 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
6-Apr-2001 Updated digital sounds page with ALE sample
6-Apr-2001 Added awards page
1-Apr-2001 Updated site header graphics
27-Mar-2001 Updated USCG Air page
21-Mar-2001 Updated ALE Info File
10-Mar-2001 Updated WUN home page - added site of the week info
2-Mar-2001 Updated WUN home page
2-Mar-2001 Added February 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
1-Mar-2001 Updated WUN Staff page
1-Mar-2001 Updated USCG Air page
14-Feb-2001 Updated Routing Indicators dbf file in the files archive section
8-Feb-2001 Removed MWARA file and added Risto Hirvonen's HF Aero Frequency Listing to the files archive
30-Jan-2001 Updated WUN home page
30-Jan-2001 Added January 2001 Newsletter and archive copy
29-Jan-2001 Added WUN CD v3 page
28-Jan-2001 Added 100k contest page
25-Jan-2001 Updated USCG Air page
24-Jan-2001 Updated USCG Cutters and Homeports page
7-Jan-2001 Updated WUN FAQ page
7-Jan-2001 Modified digital abbreviations page and renamed it to common newsletter abbreviations
2-Jan-2001 Updated WUN staff page with new listmaster and logs editor info

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