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WUN CD-ROM Frequency Guide Plus, Volume II

Plays under Win95/98/NT in multi-media format requiring a MINIMUM of 24 megs of RAM (32 or more recommended). Or under Win95/98/NT/Win3.1/DOS/Mac using HTML format and any web browser. Can also be utilized without a web browser much the same manner as Vol.I was used.

All new, and back in it's second edition, the 1999 WUN Frequency Guide Plus CD-ROM has been greatly improved offer the club's first offering. Vol. II features a Win95/98/NT compatible multi-media format which presents the CD-ROM with a whole new look.

The main menu now features push button choices for the many sections which make up the CD-ROM. Now more than 400 sound files can now be played at the click of a button. The digital modes sounds area includes a most helpful "overview" html format for dozens of digital modes. The overview sections explain and demonstrate the features of many of the digital modes.

There are hundreds of helpful text files; samples of digital stations transmissions. Brand new is the Graphics section with more than 150 pictures. All past WUN newsletters (1995 to 1998) as well as former Speedx Clubs news letters and the Numbers & Oddities sections of the WUN Newsletter make up another section. Another new section is the URL section which contains hundreds or internet web sites related to the utility hobby sorted by topic. We have also added many shareware and freeware programs in a separate section.

The WUN Logs section is newly revised and contains over 30,000 listings of actual logs made by WUN's 2000 plus members worldwide. Combined with the newsletters and special topic text files, these make a rare, valuable, searchable database for the Sleuth text search program which is included. Simply type in the callsign, frequency, or text string you are searching for and find every instance where it has been referenced.

We have also included a free graphic viewer built into the main menu.

The 1999 WUN Frequency Guide Plus CD-ROM is the single most extensive shortwave utility station reference in existence today. Covering military, civil aero, maritime, digital modes, numbers, and much more. We think you will find it is indispensable.

The 1999 WUN Frequency Guide Plus CD-ROM may be ordered for only U.S.$24.99. This price includes postage to U.S. addresses and airmail postage elsewhere in the world. Payment must be in U.S. dollars and may be in checks from U.S. banks; international bank checks or money orders (make checks & money orders out to "WUN"); or by courtesy of a local company, MagMusic, VISA or Master Card. All credit card orders will show "MagMusic" as the seller. Checks from U.S. banks require a one-week wait for clearance. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery on all orders (I am the only one doing the shipping!).

Orders may be mailed to:
P.O. Box 4450
Youngstown, Ohio 44515

Credit cards by e-mail to:

Or by FAX to (USA Country Code 01) 330-270-9654

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